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A Tree M.D., LLC offers homeowners tree removal, trimming, pruning, and emergency service to maintain a safe and presentable property. With over ten years of experience, owner Jay Van Houten and his team are fully licensed and insured to get the job done. We always apply the proper techniques and utilize the most advanced equipment when working with trees and shrubs.

A Tree M.D., LLC operates on a 24-hour schedule. For more information on our services, please contact us us at 757-404-6302!

Tree Removal in Virginia Beach, VA

Our team knows the correct way to enhance the beauty of a tree or shrub. With the proper pruning techniques we can safely prune any tree on your property with minimal to no yard damage.
A Tree M.D., LLC has an experienced climber on its team who specializes in spikeless climbing, the preferred method when pruning or maintaining trees. Spiked climbing involves the use of spikes or spurs, which are strapped to boots and can transfer diseases (STD: spiked transmitted diseases) from tree to tree. It can also cause insect infestation threw wounds in the cambium layer. Ultimately resulting in decay or death of your tree. We do not use spikes when pruning a tree.
We never like to remove a tree, but sometimes it's necessary, especially if it poses a danger to your home. After removal, we dispose of all trees and branches in a careful, safe, and efficient manner, so your yard is clean and ready for new growth.
Hazardous pruning consists of removing damaged limbs or fallen trees due to a storm or high winds that could cause serious injury to a person or your home. Our 24-hour service will ensure a quick and efficient response to any dangerous conditions.
We can prune or remove any tree limbs for a greater height clearance over lawns, driveways, sidewalks and other structural items.
Cutting and cleaning hedges actually improves its health. Removing dead, diseased or damaged growth stimulates new growth and prevents the spread of plant diseases. It also deters insects from making a home in deadwood. After hedge trimming, the shrub will direct its energy into fresh new growth for a healthier appearance.
Although we provide tree removal service, our ultimate goal is to maintain the overall health of the tree. Eliminating dead, diseased, crossing or rubbing branches encourages flower production. Increased sun exposure and airflow are beneficial against fungal diseases that thrive in moist environments.
A Tree M.D., LLC prides itself on its disaster services. We respond to hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical and ice storms in the surrounding states of Virginia. We service people with help and hope in times of need. In the event of a natural disaster, we may postpone non-imminent jobs to help those affected by the disaster.
Certain trees may lose their structural integrity, due to pests, disease, or just weather. Cabling and bracing may help support a tree and can help you avoid having to completely remove it. Cables and braces can be placed in the tree without affecting its health and overall aesthetic.
Often trees must be removed to allow for new construction, building additions, and clearances for those structures. We always safely dispose of trees to minimize additional land disruption.

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